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s mystic beige fossil limestone, classic mix travertine, ivory travertine, mosaics, bowls, sinks, countertops, steps, special projects, white crown beige marble, marble, marble products, travertine, travertine products, moulding, limestone, bowl, sink, tumbled stones, borders, mosaic, countertop, bathtubs, border, medallion, marble mosaic, medallions, mouldings, pool coping, mosaic products, natural stone products, pool copings, natural stone, marble sink, marble bathtube, brushed stones, honed stones, honed filled stones, polished stones, sand blasted stones, shower bases, shower base, bathtube, limestone products, marble shower base, marble countertop, natural stone items
YEPAR AUTOMOTIVE        Türkiye     mustafa -Cçimen    
s mudguards, mirrors, steps, foot steps, air filters, panels, window filters, clamps, lamps
ALKAN MERMER SAN. A.S.        Türkiye     Ramazan ALKAN    
s marbles, granites, natural stones, marble products, granite products, natural stone products, decorative products, decorative marbles, decorative granites, decorative natural stones, kitchen counters, marble kitchen counters, granite kitchen counters, floorings, marble floorings, granite floorings, steps, marble steps, granite steps, marble slabs, marble, granite, natural stone, marble product, granite product, natural stone product, decorative product, decorative marble, decorative granite, dec, marble flooring, marble slab, flooring, granite flooring, decorative natural stone, step, marble kitchen counter, granite kitchen counter, kitchen counter, marble step, granite step
D-STYLE MARBLE        Türkiye     Dilek Akbarpour Karaoğlan    
s marble, travertine, onyx, limestone, mosaic, bourder, pabbles, sink, shower tray, bathtubs, bowls, wash basins, medalions, mouldings, wall stone, steps, cubes, slabs, tiles, pavers, maursteine, monoliths, poolcopings
UMAY OTOMOTIV SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Uğur AKIN    
s auto spares, auto spare parts, auto plastic parts, car parts, fenders, front fenders, panels, door steps, steps, underside panels, back tops, panl assy roofs, back ridges, ridges, hanger brackets, rear corners, bumper covers, pickep reinforcements, rear bumpers, bottom crossbars, engine hoods, rear doors, body rockers, floor mats, mats, bonnets, mat, auto spare part, fender, floor mat, bonnet, hanger bracket, panel, step, auto spare, auto plastic part, front fender, engine hood, rear door, door step, underside panel, back top, panl assy roof, back ridge, ridge, rear corner, bumper cover, pickep reinforcement, rear bumper, bottom crossbar, body rocker
OZ AHSAP MERDIVEN        Türkiye     Ali Öz    
s stairs, ladders, steps, furniture, wood, home, painting, yard, garden, cabinet, door, lamimante, skirting, drawer, duplex
TMP OTOMOTIV TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Süleyman OFLAS    
s steps, headlamp protectors, engine mounting bars, mudguard bracket sets, battery covers, body parts, cabin parts, engine parts, cooling parts, fuel parts, exhaust parts, clutch parts, transmission parts, fron axles, rear axles, wheel parts, brake parts, chassises, suspensions, steering wheels, electrical equipments, mechanical parts, mechanical spare parts, wheel, wheels, truck spare parts, truck spare part, engine part, brake part, clutch part, steering wheel, suspension, chassis, rear axle, transmission part, electrical equipment, battery cover, step, body part, mechanical part, mechanical spare part, fuel part, truck mechanical parts, headlamp protector, engine mounting bar, mudguard bracket set, cabin part, cooling part, exhaust part, fron axle, wheel part, truck mechanical part
YUKSELEN MARBLE CO. LTD.        Türkiye     ummuhan ayhan    
s bianco carrara, black pearl, cappucino, columns, counter tops, crema marfil, crema nuova, emperador, granite, limestone, marble, marble table, mosaic, mugla white, natural stone, risers, rosalia, rosso laguna, rosso levanto, sandstone, steps, stone, thresholds, travertine, window sills
DEMIRIZ ENDUSTRI MALZ. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     İnci DEMİRİZ    
s industry product, industry products, adhesives, adhesive, adhesive types, sponge, sponges, sponge types, ladder, ladders, ladder types, packing, stuffing, seal, industrial materials, foams, folding ladders, step ladders, folding steps, steps, rubber sheets, welding materials, welding equipments, gloves, tapes, epdm foams, eva foams, filter foams, insulated rubber sheets, polyethylene foams, dust covers, door dust covers, seals, gaskets, glassfibers, fibre glasses, wooden ladders, acrobat ladders, industrial ladders, mica, plexiglass, plexiglasses, nitrile sheets, silicone sheets, welding rods, welding wires, silver welding rods, silv, water tanks, welding rods, solders, craft knives, box cutters, silver welding wires, copper welding rods, copper welding wires, welding powders, welding compounds, solder materials, brass welding wires, brass welding rods
s beds and, mattresses, infant cot, pediatric beds and examination tables, stretchers, rescue and first aid equipment, gynaecology and phlebotomy, examination, massage table, screen, steps, medicine trolleys, emergency trolleys, instrument and dressing trolleys, port basin, mayo table, overbed table and bedstand, iv stand, examination lamp, tube trolley, paraffin boiler, negatoscope and laundry trolleys, cabinets, stainless and operating room equipment, wheelchairs, office and seating group, emergency trolleys
STIL MERDIVEN LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s stairs, stair, step, steps, ladder, ladders